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Diamonds have always represented two great powers of mankind, Wealth & Passion. While two individuals could share everything with each other via an emotional connection, it is special to share something that manifests love in a physical form as well – a diamond. As the famous phrase introduced to the world by De Beers many years ago states: “A diamond is forever.” That being said, there has always been a hidden third dimension to it all, the dimension of investment. Those same individuals, who share their emotions, also invest in their relationship on a continuous basis. This third dimension of investment has been looked at by many as a form of capital preservation and an increase of real wealth.

Throughout history, diamonds have been used as a hedge against political and economic instability. Royal figures such as the Queens and Kings of England and Spain commonly used diamonds as a store of wealth, and a means of power. As global finances remain unstable in modern times, investors are showing an increasing awareness to strengths of a diamond as a medium of personal asset protection. Diamonds, specifically Natural Fancy Color Diamonds,  also present the highest concentration of wealth of any real asset in existence today.

This is an introductory educational booklet for your perusal. Whether you are a seasoned financial investor or less experienced in this area, you will find that the following pages will introduce you to a world
of beauty mixed with a splash of financial education on what it really means to invest in a diamond.

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