The Olympic Jubilee diamond

The Olympic Jubilee Diamond is more than an exquisite gem. It is diamond with an extraordinary story to tell. 

The story begins with a Hollywood icon who in her youth made a promise to herself that should she ever become a celebrity she would use her fame to help people in need. In time, her dream of stardom became a reality. As fortune would have it, she found herself in possession of a 20.82-carat fancy vivid yellow diamond (the Olympic Jubilee Diamond) which would provide the means for her to follow through on her youthful vow.

Whilst on a shoot in India the superstar (who wishes to remain anonymous) witnessed the poverty and suffering of many. Remembering her oath, this generous star contacted a highly regarded Indian diamond merchant with the intention of converting her own good fortune into a resource that could help many. 

Little did she know just what a resource that would turn out to be? 

Suspecting that the diamond was special, the diamond dealer brought it to the attention of an associate who specializes in high value stones. From there the diamond found its way into the possession of Denir Diamonds (founded in New York in the 1950s by the Aghbashoff family) who re-valued the gem at $3.1 million using GIA standards.  

Representative for Denir Diamonds, Sinclair Cook stated, “The timing for the discovery of this magnificent diamond is auspicious as it coincides with two current events that personify the diamond’s qualities and are in tune with the aspirations of this philanthropic international Hollywood celebrity.”

In the hands of the diamond company, the impressive square emerald cut stone was named the Olympic Jubilee in honor of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain’s Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 Olympics.