The Diamond Jubilee celebrations

The British Crown Jewels are set on display at the Tower of London As Queen Elizabeth celebrate her 60th Anniversary on the British Throne. Included in the Diamond Jubilee celebrations are Queen Mary’s Crown, containing two diamonds cut from the South African Cullinan blue Diamond, the coronation ring of Queen Victoria and a display of the queen’s personal colored diamond collection.

One of the collections highlights is the Williamson Brooch that incorporates one of the most superb pink diamonds known to date. Discovered by Dr. JT Willimason, a Canadian Geologist, the diamond was presented as an uncut stone in 1947 when Elizabeth was still Princess and intended as a wedding gift. Cut and set in 1953 by Cartier it sits at the center of the jonquil-shaped brooch.


The Koh-I-Noor 

This star of the crown jewels was presented to Queen Victoria in 1850 by the East India Company.  In 1911, it sat in the crown of Queen Mary and by 1935 was transferred to a new crown for the coronation of the Queen Mother.


Other Monarchs notable for their colored diamonds include:


Russian Princess Nadia Vyegin-Orlov – the Black Orlov Diamond


Empress Eugénie of france – the Blue Heart Diamond:



The King of Thailand’s Golden Jubilee Diamond: