Royal Diamonds

Queens Diamond Jubilee 

The Queens Diamond Jubilee is in the news again as DeBeers fashions a crown holding a 974 diamonds. The crown, adorned with both polished and rough diamonds is a fitting tribute for the monarch known for her collection of colored diamonds. A key feature of the DeBeers masterpiece is phenomenal 73-carat uncut diamond that has been hidden away for years in a vault in Paris.


Royally Historic Diamonds

The Jewels of Queen Elizabeth are not the only ones making news these days; in fact, this week a spectacular yellow diamond brooch once owned by infamous Monarch Bonnie Prince Charlie has overshadowed them. Selling at auction in Geneva for £750,000 or 1,185,140.18 US the brooch more than doubled pre-auction estimates. 

Beau Sancy Diamond

Saving the best for last, the biggest news on royal colored diamonds comes from the legendary Beau Sancy diamond once owned by Marie de Medici, wife of Henri IV of France. The 35-carat rare stone claimed honors selling for $9,699,618 US, but this is just one more tale in its amazing story.  Obtained from the French monarchy by the Dutch to seal the wedding of Mary Stuart, daughter of Charles I of England to Willem II of Orange it then was pawned to the king of Prussia (where it has remained until this day) to fund Charles II of England’s bid for the throne. 


Sotheby’s seller David Benet commented, “The Beau Sancy is one of the most fascinating and romantic gems ever to appear at auction”.  We can only wait and see what other stories this amazing diamond is waiting to tell.