October 2012 Diamond News

News: October 2012

As October ends, diamond fans are filled with the joy of a month packed with diamond news. The Christie’s Magnificent Jewels Show, The Argyle Pink Tender and anticipation for the sale of the Archduke Joseph Diamond are just a few of the headliners for October. 

As the diamond industry settles into its last quarter, the world of diamonds bursts with stories that range from the fantastic with discoveries of amazing diamonds and even a diamond planet!!! to the merely entertaining doings of designers and celebrities. Whether you count yourself among the curious ones or the heavily invested, Novel Collection has the news you need. 


Christie’s Magnificent Jewels

The winter auction season started with a bang or maybe it was more of a “Cha-Ching” as Christie’s held its first sale of the season. The Magnificent Jewels sale was held Tuesday October 16, 2012 in New York and if the following results are any indication is was a huge success!

At the top of the list was a D color flawless pear-shaped diamond of 50.52-carats. The stone, mounted in a platinum pendant setting sold for $9.5 million, that is a whapping $188,000 per carat.


Mounted in yellow and white gold and set off with circular cut white and fancy yellow diamonds was a pear of stylishly mismatched fancy yellow and colorless diamond earrings. The set which was estimated at $4.5 – $6.5 million pulled in $4.67 million at the final hammer fall.


A fancy intense yellow weighing 68.35-carat came in with an estimate of $2.2 – $3.2 million and went out with a selling price of $3.16 million. 


At 10.52-carats, a luminously delicate fancy light pink pear-shape ring rang out at $2.21 million: overreaching its estimate of $1 million to $1.5 million.


Invest now! It makes good sense based on these results.


Archduke Joseph Diamond 

The acclaimed Archduke Joseph Diamond carries with it an air of mystery as well as a long history.  First identified as the possession of Hungarian prince, Archduke Joseph August, the diamond vanished during the Second World War only to reappear at auctions in 1961 and 1993. Weighing 76-carats, this internally flawless diamond is surrounded by an air of expectation. Its sale for today’s equivalent of $10.5 million caused confusion in 1993 when Christies Geneva last had it at auction. 

The diamond hailing from India’s Gloconda mines will be on exhibit in New York and Hong Kong before returning to Geneva in November where it will be at auction for an expected $15 million.


Good News from Rio Tinto’s Rare Pink Diamond Auction 

The results for this year’s pink diamond tender by the Argyle Mine are in. There was strong bidding on all accounts for this year’s collection, which included 19 lots of blue diamonds and 56 pink diamonds, including two red stones. According to a statement by mine owner, Rio Tinto, we can gather that prices soared and investors were confident if not fearless.  

Manager of Rio Tinto’s Argyle Pink Diamonds, Josephine Johnson stated, “The price, demand and global reach of Argyle pink diamonds has reached a new level,” adding, “We have never had so many people disappointed…One customer bid strongly on every single diamond and was unsuccessful.”

This year bidders hailed from countries across the globe, mostly coming from established markets: with a bidder from Japan taking home the exquisite Argyle Blue Elektra. However, several diamonds will be making a new home in emerging markets such as India. 

Although Tinto does not release details as to the final prices, he did say that this year’s MVD (most valuable diamond) was the 1.32-carat, purplish pink Argyle Siren.


Diamonds in Vogue 

Diamond designers are redefining sexy! 

Between Debbie Wingham’s $5.6 million black diamond dress, Anthony Aubry’s 501.46-carat, $1 million dollar diamond bra…not to mention the Victoria’s Secret diamond encrusted fantasy bra line. One might just wonder what is next.  

Wonder no more because between New Zealand shoe designer Kathryn Wilson and Sarah Hutchings of Orsini Fine Jewelry. the look is complete with a pair of dazzling diamond high heels, featuring over a half million in diamonds these shoes ring in at $500,000.


Celebrity Diamond News

Celebrities have made red carpet news for their extraordinary colored diamonds in the past.  However, Kelly Osborn took it to a new level at the 2012 Emmy Awards. Ms. Osbourne, host of E! Entertainments “Fashion Police” attended this year’s awards show perfectly polished with a $250,000 Black Diamond manicure. The nail polish made from 267-carats of Black Diamonds was courtesy of Los Angeles jeweler Azature.



Another maven of the fashion world seen decked out in colored diamonds is none other than Mattel Toy’s timeless beauty BARBIE. With a new look created by designers Phillipe and David of The Blondes, the limited edition Pink Diamond Barbie comes with gem encrusted corset dress, pink stud earrings, a pink diamond ring and a certificate of authenticity. The estimated value of this top-list toy sits as $15,000. However, she is currently up for auction at Charity Buzz: proceeds go to MAC Aids Fund organization.


Diamond Planet

Welcome to 55Canceri e, a newly discovered planet that scientists theorize is composed of one-third diamond.  

Yale Scientists indicate that the recently discovered planet:

• Orbits very close to its star 

• Is about 8 times Earths mass 

• Has a temperature of approximately 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Combine these elements with the fact that the planet is almost entirely made up of carbon and you have a recipe for one huge sparkler.  Although, this sounds like it belongs in the annals of strange but true, there is enough credence to the theory to have it published in the journal Astrophysical Journal Letters. Want to see 55Canceri e, you can as it is visible to the naked eye. You will find it in the early morning, just before dawn, in the Eastern sky. 


If nothing else, October is a teacher whose greatest lesson is of the harvest and it would seem that this month’s news certainly carries that message. 

In the words of Jim Bishop, “Autumn carries more gold in its hand than all the other seasons.”

The time to invest is now!

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