November 2012 diamonds auction results

November and December usually bring the largest auctions of the year and this November was huge. Christie’s and Sotheby’s achieved amazing results for unique diamonds. Some of the results even surprised us: and we have been in the diamond business for quite a while. The highest results are most likely related to two major growth trends that we have been reporting on for a while now:

1. Diamonds are becoming a stronger investment route for many investors looking for new alternatives for their money.

2. New “players” are getting into the market; most of them are very wealthy buyers from the Far East.

Three major auctions took place in November; the first two took place two days in a row, on the 13 and 14 of the month. The first one was the Christy’s magnificent jewels auction that took place in Geneva. The second one was the Sotheby’s magnificent jewels sale: also held in Geneva. The third one, conducted by Christie’s took place in Hong-Kong on November 27. Here are the more exciting and relevant results, with two exciting add-ons that are slotted for December.


Maginificent Jewels by Christie’s: 13/11/12

The Archduke Joseph diamond is an amazing colorless stone that weighs 76.02 carats, once belonged to Archduke Joseph August of Austria. The pre-sale estimate was 15-19 million dollars and it fetched more than double the price paid for it at auction almost two decades ago – 21.5 Million dollars.

A 3.33 carats shield shaped fancy intense blue diamond brooch. This extraordinary jewel was estimated to fetch between:  1 – 1.5 million dollars and eventually sold for the amazing sum of almost 2.5 million dollars 



Maginificent Jewels by Sotheby’s: 14/11/12

A rare 10.48 carats fancy deep blue briolette diamond that was estimated for around 3.5 million dollars was sold for 10.8 Million dollars.


Hong Kong Maginificent Jewels by Christie’s: 27/11/12

Unique diamond ring set with an 8.59 carats rectangular shaped fancy pink diamond surrounded with pave setting of round sapphires was sold for $3.57 million.

A Rectangular fancy vivid yellow diamond weighing 10.13 carats set in a ring was sold for $967,000


December upcoming auctions

December highlights include two large auctions. The first one is the Sotheby’s collections of Estée and Evelyn H. Louder and the second is Christie’s important jewels


On December 5th Sotheby’s will honor to exceptional diamonds and jewels from the collections of Estée Lauder and Evelyn H. Lauder, sold to benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The auctions main focus is on two particularly special diamonds: a beautiful Fancy Intense Pink diamond ring of 6.54-carats and a 57.73-carats fancy vivid yellow emerald cut diamond.


Christies will have their Magnificent Jewels auction on December 10 in New York. 

Here are two important fancy color diamonds scheduled to be auctioned there:

• A 30.03 carats fancy vivid yellow diamond set in a ring 

• A 3.15 carat reddish orange circular-cut diamond