Novel Collection news – October 2012

As the Jewish New Year has come to an end and we move into the final days of October Novel Collection is renewed and ready to go. With Christmas celebrations drawing near, we focus on helping our customers in their search for that perfect diamond. 

Up next for Novel Collection is our final show of 2012, The Luxury Privé Panama Show.  This invitation only event is an ideal venue for select professionals in the diamond industry (from all over South and Central America) to gather, exchange ideas, industry news and prepare for the year ahead.   

In this month newsletter we continue to discuss Argyle diamonds, diamond investment and the direction in which we see the diamond market moving. As part of our Hot Topics we will look at recent auction results and the FCD’s that are creating headlines. 

If October has taught us anything, it is that there is an expanding interest in diamonds in general and FCD in particular…and we are paying attention! 

Looking back at the passing year of global economical turbulence, we see that many investors are going the luxury investment route in order to diversify their funds. Consequently, we foresee prices rising on unique diamonds. 

The big news here is the degree of global demand. 

The rising interest in diamonds is not concentrated in the US and European countries, but more in the Southeastern regions such as China and India. Additionally, we have been seeing more requests for larger stones (above 3 carats) mostly in pinks, blues and yellows (intense and vivid) colors.

panama luxury show


Featured Diamond

October’s newsletter would not be complete without a little Trick-or-Treat: and what better treat than the remarkable Pumpkin Diamond. 

Pumpkin Diamond Facts:

• At 5.54-carats, the Gemological Institute of America rates the Pumpkin diamond a Fancy Vivid Orange 

• It is considered unique due to its intense yet light color 

• Is one of the largest fancy vivid orange diamonds in the world

• The Pumpkin Diamond has its origins in Africa. 

• It was cut and polished by William Goldberg 

The Pumpkin Diamond was first put to auction at Sotheby’s and when the gavel fell at $1.3 million, it was the property of Harry Winston: who gave it its now famous name.

As famous as it is on its own, it was not until it hit the celebrity news pages that it gained worldwide renown. Worn by Halle Barry at the 2002 Oscars brought it front and center on the world stage.


Good luck to all as you prepare for the upcoming holiday season.

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