Novel Collection news May 2013

Summer is upon us and the diamond business is in full swing and we have been busy!

The beginning of the month we were at the Basel show and now we are preparing for the JCK Las Vegas show. This is the time of the year where everyone in the industry is making one last effort before the hot and hazy days of summer and we can confidently say that it is hard work.

The Basel show was tremendous with a full slate of participants but, what amazed us is the popularity of the Fancy Colored Diamonds! There was much demand and there was much offering, even from diamond houses that do not specialize in the field. Demand was very high for all colors and exceeded last year’s interest. We saw buyers looking for all colors, especially for blue, pink and larger yellow diamonds and yellow diamond necklaces.

Over all it was a good show and now it’s on to the JCK show.


Here are some pictures from our booth at the Basel show:


In general the market is solid for us due to the high demand for fancy color diamonds, but then again we work hard on locating excellent supplies. Moreover, rough prices are going up due to the increase of prices from De-Beers and. The Chinese market is a bit slow but not by very much.


As we mentioned we are at Las Vegas now and we want to take the opportunity to invite you to our booth where you will find our unique collection of Fancy Color Diamonds that will tantalize you and thrill your senses!