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It is April and the colors of spring can be seen all around. Flowers are blooming, the sky is blue, and everything is coming up…colored diamonds!

The year has just begun but we can already tell that this will be an exciting year in the industry as we see the excitement in everyone’s faces at the industry shows and auctions that are seeing record turnouts, especially by international and internet clients. Market analysis has shown that diamonds survived the world-wide economic crisis better than anyone could have anticipated and 2013 is anticipated to be another banner year.

In 2008, no market was safe from the world-wide financial crisis. As the crisis ramped up, prices fell sharply then, rebounded to push rough diamonds upward through record levels (

In terms of the fancy color diamond market we continue to see strong demand for larger stones and unique colors, especially in pink, blue, green, and high intensity yellows. We believe that we are seeing this upswing in this market is due to 3 main factors –

1. The improving economy

2. Increasing interest in new investment opportunities and growing fascination by the general public with colored diamonds

3. Increased demand as DeBeers, the world’s largest diamond supplier, slows mining operations due, in part, to the financial crisis

It seems that the staggering number of people looking at diamonds as a legitimate investment resource is turning a lot of heads worldwide.


A Nice Story

We would like to share this nice story out of Australia, about a lady that treated herself to a red diamond – a treat that turned into quite the nice investment.

The moral of this story is this – one never knows where, when, or how the next great opportunity to change your life may come. You never know, that opportunity might just come in the form of a decision to act on an impulse or a feeling that comes from place deep within your heart.


Baselworld 2013

Last, but certainly not least, is the most exciting event of 2013 – Baselworld. You probably received our invitation to the Baselworld show by now and we want to take this opportunity to remind you that we are looking forward to meeting you at the show!

Each spring, 1800 companies from around the globe descend on Basel, Switzerland for the preeminent watch and jewelry show of the year and we this is going to be the best year ever!

Over 100,000 visitorsfrom the specialist retail and wholesale trade make their way to Basel from all over the world to discover the current trends and view the latest creations from the watch and jewelry sectors. The presentation staged at BASELWORLD is truly unique, providing an opportunity to experience brand worlds at the topmost level.

We hope to see YOU at this year’s event!