Novel Collection at Hong Kong and Basel Shows

In the last month we participated in two of the three most important shows of the year in the diamond business: The Hong Kong and the Basel World shows (the third show is in Vegas in June).

As an overall impression, we are happy to report that the entire diamond market is showing good signs of recovery and the general atmosphere is more positive, including the fancy color market. Although the improvement is not globally equal, there is an overall optimistic business atmosphere compared to the last two years.

As for fancy color diamonds, we are seeing a positive change in the market and higher demand for color diamonds.

The oriental markets are particularly on the rise, and apparently the overall economic growth is up again in that region. We are witnessing increased demand not only for small to medium sizes but also for larger diamonds (5 carats and up) mostly for yellow, pink and blue colors. The jewelry and unique sets of color diamonds are also showing nice orders.

The American and European markets are also improving in general, and we see more demand for fancy color diamonds. As a result we have also noticed a price increase, mostly in the pink and blue colors, due to higher demands and their rarity in nature.