March 2013 diamonds news

India tops Belgium in Rough Diamond Imports

Despite a difficult economic year for India, the country imported nearly $15 Billion worth of rough diamonds in 2012, a 3.4 increase topping Belgium’s diamond import of $12 Billion, according to the Gems and Jewellery Promotion Council (GJEPC). Speculative buying and rising demand from China are the most probable causes for India’s increased importation of rough diamonds.

There is no doubt within the global market that China and India are the key demand drivers in the diamond market. With a dwindling supply of diamonds, especially fancy colored diamonds, from key mining operations and pipes, a rise of importation from India can be expected. In addition, the apparent Westernization of cultural norms in both countries, such as the personal use of diamonds as fashion, and the rise of diamond gift-giving can be seen as a significant factor of this demand.


U.S. Diamond Week at the Israel Diamond Exchange Hosts Rare Blue Diamond

Tzoffey’s 1818 offered a rare fancy intense blue diamond at the auction for U.S. Diamond Week at the Israel Diamond Exchange. U.S. Diamond Week was hosted by the Israeli diamond industry on March 17-20. The natural vivid blue heart shape gem weighs 1.93 carats. The diamond is estimated in worth at more than a million dollars per carat – The diamond was not sold at the auction.  

“In May 2012, a marquise-shaped blue diamond of 2.07 carats was sold for $1.85 million, and in November a Briolette-cut stone of 10.48 carats sold for more than $1 million per carat. The quality of this 1.93 heart shape is higher than the stones sold by Sotheby’s,” stated Avner Sofiov, owner of the French-Israeli auction house Tzoffey’s 1818. The blue diamond, along with hundreds of other, high-quality gemstones and jewelry pieces, was displayed in a special viewing area adjacent to the trading hall of the exchange.

Upcoming fancy color diamonds auctions

Three very interesting auctions will be held on April, and Fancy color diamonds are starring center stage:  Two by Sotheby’s and one by Christies.

The first one is the “Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite” by Sotheby’s that will take place on April 8th at Hong-Kong. Here are a few selected items from the auction.

Fancy intense blue diamond and pink diamond ring set with a 3.04 carat heart-shaped is estimated to sell for: $2 to 2.5 million.

Fancy vivid yellow diamond and pink diamond ring set with 13.10 carat, is estimated to sell for: $900,000 to 1.15 million.


Fancy color diamond necklace Composed of twenty-nine graduated heart-shaped diamonds of various hues together weighing 22.89 carats. Estimated price: 4,200,000 – 5,000,000 HKD.


Pair of pink diamonds weighing 4.42 and 4.24 carats set in earrings with an estimated worth of: 15,000,000 – 18,000,000 HKD.


Two combined fancy color diamond rings. The first ring set with a pear-shaped fancy orangish-pink diamond weighing 2.50 carats. The second is set with a pear-shaped fancy intense yellow diamond weighing 3.01 carats. The estimated price is: 2,200,000 – 2,600,000 HKD.


The second Sotheby’s Auction will be “The Magnificent Jewels” that will be held on April 17 in New York.

The most important fancy color diamond item will be a set of earrings set with two pear-shaped Fancy Pink diamonds weighing 5.79 and 5.68 carats.


The third auction we wish to mention is the “New York Magnificent Jewels and the Princie Diamond” that will be held by Christie’s on April 16. There are three items we want to mention from the auction, but one of them is very unique and rare:

The “Princie Diamond” is a 34.65 carats, fancy intense pink in color and is cushion-cut shaped. Its origins can be traced to the ancient Golconda mines in India. The diamond was first recorded as belonging to the royal family of Hyderabad, that ruled one of the provinces of the Mughal Empire. The estimated price for the diamond is $30-$40 Million Dollars.

Pair of yellow diamonds ear clips by Nirav Modi, Each set with a cushion-cut fancy yellow diamond, weighing 31.17 and 30.63 carats. Estimated worth is $1,400,000 – $1,800,000.

Unique fancy color diamonds ears set with a pear-shaped fancy pink and yellow diamonds, joined by a kite-shaped diamonds. The item estimated price is $1,200,000 – $1,500,000.


18 Carat Gold – Pink Diamond IPhone

Designed by Sun & Moon, the custom Pink Diamond iPhone has been redeveloped into a very chic and embellished smartphone in shades of white or pink, in 18 Carat Gold and cascades of 850 fancy colored small pink diamonds. A large pink diamond princess cut adorns the Home button. With an estimated cost around $12,000 this special iPhone is less expensive than the incredible Stuart Hughes model which ranges up to six million pounds.

Totaling a total of 4.33 carats on the Pink Diamond iPhone, the Apple logo is made with an alloy of three special metals – the “rubedo” that flash iridescent shades. Only available in Moscow at the boutique Bon Cadeau, travelling to purchase one certainly disproves the theory that talk is cheap.


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