Investing in set of Colorful stones

Part 3

Fancy colored diamonds are a smart investment for long term investors. We have already discussed the significance of investing in a single fancy color diamond. Today we will take this notion further and focus on investing in a set of a few fancy color diamonds.

First, it’s important to remember that not all colors are equal in terms of investment, rarity, and pricing. Another important fact is that some colors that were less expensive in the past, such as Browns (whether single colored or as secondary color such as Brownish Pink) and Blacks, are becoming more expensive due to demand. Generally speaking, a set of fancy colored diamonds will have a higher value in the future due to the changing markets and the ever-increasing market prices.

Here are a few ways one can create a set of fancy color diamond for investment purposes:


Set of matching color diamonds in jewelry: 

One can purchase a necklace or bracelet that is set with matching color fancies, or has colored diamonds increasing in size with matching color. A set like this has real value since matching such a piece takes time to collect in some cases, mainly due to rarity of diamonds.


Mixing Colors:

Collecting diamonds with different colors should be a sound investment. Not all colors are equally rare, but for the long-term this strategy is like putting your diamonds (or eggs) in a few baskets.


Mixing the same hue but different tones:

An interesting way of investing in FCD is by creating a set that has the same Color (Hue), but with different color grading (tone and saturation). A set like this should have a high value for future collectors and investors due to the scaling it contains.

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