Investing in Fancy Color Diamonds

The fancy color diamond market has been flourishing in the last few years. New fans are joining and the existing ones can now say they were first. Fancy color diamonds are a niche by itself, since they are not only rare in nature they are also cut differently when in rough form in order to emphasize the color of the diamond.

Only about 1% of all diamonds are considered to be Fancy Color. Of this 1%, some colors such as red, blue, green and pink are extremely rare. Due to increased demand and natural rarity of fancy color diamonds, prices are constantly on the rise. On a more personal note,we have seen first hand how prices have risen in the last few years due to high demand combined with a continued shortage of high quality fancy color rough diamonds.

Diamonds have become a true commodity in recent years, especially the fancy color diamonds which are becoming a good investment route. The difference between white diamonds and fancy colors is that white diamonds are more common, while every fancy diamond has a unique look and color even if graded the same. In the more rare colors, uniqueness is even more interesting. For example, natural red diamonds are the rarest color, and they are sold mostly in private auctions directly from the mine to high-end dealers or stores.

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