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Pink Diamonds Tender

Pink diamonds are found in the remote and rugged Kimberley region of northwest Australia in the Argyle Diamond Mine, which produces 90 per cent of the world’s pink diamonds. Valued at twenty times the price of a white diamond, pink diamonds are also extremely rare with only 50 or so put out to tender each year.

That’s why there was so much anticipation for this year’s Argyle Pink Diamonds Annual Signature Tender – an exclusive market offering that brought together two hundred top jewelers, gem traders and investors in the world who competed for the rare offering.

The Argyle Pink Diamond Tender took place in September and was divided into two parts: The first took place on the 5th of September in Perth, Australia and the second on the 16th in Hong Kong. The most unique item in this exclusive tender was The Argyle Semper Suite, a trio of heart shaped pink diamonds. “I could count on one hand the number of times there have been matched diamonds in the tender”, said Ms. Josephine Archer, spokesperson for Argyle Pink Diamonds. “This year we have three pink diamonds all in one suite, all with perfect color and clarity match. It’s really quite an event”. Result of the tender will be given in October.


Large Vivid Yellow Diamond

Christie’s New York will auction the one of the rarest gemstones in its class at its October 18th Magnificent Jewels sale in NYC.

The Vivid Yellow, a rare, highly saturated 32.77 carat fancy vivid yellow diamond the size of a guitar pick, is expected to fetch more than $6 million. The stone also has the potential to surpass the per-carat price of $203,000 achieved for the Golden Drop, a pear-shape 18.49 ct. yellow diamond sold in June 1990 at Christie’s London. “The Vivid Yellow literally blazes with color, unlike any yellow diamond I’ve ever seen,” said Rahul Kadakia, head of jewelry for Christie’s America.


One of the Largest Rough Diamonds Found

Just like the breaking of world records in sports, huge rough diamonds are still being discovered around the world today, tipping the scales and knocking other previous large stones off their pedestals.

Such a record-breaking find was declared on the 31st of August by Gem Diamonds Ltd., the London-listed diamond mining company, which announced the discovery of a massive 553-carat top-color diamond, believed to be the 19th largest rough diamond and the 14th largest white diamond ever to be discovered in the world. The diamond that has not yet been named is currently undergoing analysis in Antwerp. Top-color or D-color diamonds are absolutely colorless, being chemically pure and structurally perfect diamonds, and are sometimes referred to as the “purest of the pure” of all diamonds.

The large rough was found in the Letseng mine in Lesotho, the world’s highest diamond mine. Most of the diamonds produced in the Letseng mine are Type IIa, D-color, which the highest quality among diamonds. This mine has so far produced four of the largest rough diamonds ever discovered.