Fancy Yellow diamond rings

There is no doubt that Yellow Diamond Rings are in high demand item of jewelry that many diamonds fans are wearing.  Yellow diamonds have become as known as the celebrities who wear them! We have seen Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez, Anna Kournikova sport Yellow Diamonds down the red carpet, due to their beauty. One more up side of Yellow diamond jewelry is their value! Therefore, it is something to keep in mind the worth of your ring and its investment. Overall, diamonds have increased in their price in the financial market better than stocks, commodities, and assets. If you are thinking of purchasing a Yellow Diamond Ring there is a shape to match your style. Here are some of the popular choices.


Yellow Diamond Rings in various shapes 



Radiant shape is a combination of round cut and emerald cuts, the shape was designed in 1977 by Henry Gabbard and created to combine the classicism of round cut and the uniqueness of the emerald cut. This square or rectangular cut combines the elegance and brilliance of the shapes and its 70 facets maximize the effect of its color refraction. Radiant is one of the most common shapes that yellow diamonds are cut into, due to the ability to keep most of the color inside which is more important with fancy color diamonds in general.


The cushion shape is also a very popular shape for yellow diamonds, again for the same reason that they are shaped into radiants – the color keeping affect. Cushions show vintage style admirable with an antique vintage look. Antique cut with classic and romantic appeal. Looks like a cross between an Old Mine Cut (a deep cut with large facets that was common in the late 19th and the early 20th centuries) and a modern oval cut.


An Oval shape shows sophistication and originality. Modification of the round cut for those who want to maintain classicism with a touch of modern taste. Even and perfectly symmetrical design is popular among women with smaller fingers. Its elongated shape gives a flattering illusion of length to the hand.


The Princess shape shows a woman of difference – creative, strong, positive and passionate. Very popular choice in Ring cuts – and carries much brilliance.  Princess shape is a square or rectangular cut with numerous sparkling facets. It is a relatively new cut and often finds its way into solitaire engagement rings. Flattering to a hand with long fingers, it is often embellished with triangular stones at its sides


A Pear shape is very sentimental – iconic of beauty and love – with a touch of nostalgia and grace. Still unique from the Round Cut –light dances through the gem. It is shaped most like a sparkling teardrop. It also belongs to that category of diamonds which its design complements a hand with small or average-length fingers.


An Emerald shape shows strong boldness in color choices. Popular style known for precision and beauty, the emerald cut is a paradigm of extreme clarity. This is a rectangular shape with cut corners. It is known as a step cut because its concentric broad, flat planes resemble stair steps.


Also known as the Square Emerald Cut – exudes a sense of confidence and strength. Almost resembling an Octagon, the Asscher Cut has cropped up corners differing from the Emerald cut slightly.  


Marquise shape show a flair for modernity, a taste for difference, edginess and creativity – for a sense of individuality. A classic shape for engagement rings, It is gorgeous when used as a solitaire or when enhanced by smaller diamonds.


The Heart shape is the ultimate symbol of femininity, preciousness and romance. The shape with a cleft at the top is known for exhibiting superior brilliance. The skill of the cutter determines the beauty of the cut. Look for a stone with an even shape and a well-defined outline.

Round (Brilliant)

The Round Brilliant shape is classic and elegant with a touch of sentimentality. It is the most popular for white diamond engagement rings. It is cone-shaped to allow maximum light to return to the surface in sparkle and brightness. This shape has set the standard for all other diamond shapes, and accounts for more than 75% of white diamonds sold today. It’s 58-facet cut, divided among its crown (top), girdle (widest part) and pavilion (base), is calibrated through a precise formula to achieve the maximum in fire and brilliance.

Important to know that very few fancy color diamonds including yellow ones are shaped into rounds. The reason for that is that: Round shape is aimed mostly to achieve brilliance. However, when cutting a fancy color diamond the aim of the cutter is to concentrate as much color in the diamond and not to emphasize the brilliance. For this reason most rounded fancy color diamonds are graded as Vivid, Dark and Deep in terms of color grading (tone and saturation), since they carry enough color, so it is not lost when shaped into rounds.


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