Fancy Colored Green Diamonds

March comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb, but it also brings us spring and a sense of Green. In addition, with the celebrations and festivities of St. Patrick’s Day, the “wearing of the green” immediately comes to mind. With global events reminding us of the luck of the Irish with parades, a toast of green beer and displays of shamrocks, we have to mention Fancy Colored Green Diamonds which are rarer than a leprechaun.

Green diamonds are among the rarest of all fancy colors, second only to red. Most stones in the green family come from Brazil, Venezuela and Zimbabwe, and the absence of secondary hues and colors increase their value. Green is the color between blue and yellow, so common secondary colors in green diamonds include blue and yellow, and if the color is desaturated, gray or brown.

Because millions of years of radiation create “true greens,” be exceptionally careful to have proper assessment or preferably GIA certification when purchasing fancy colored green diamonds, for irradiated (lab-created) green diamonds are often found in the marketplace, so determining natural color for value is key. 

The reason that a true green diamond is so valuable is that radiation does not usually affect the entire gem, meaning that the stone may be green only in patches or on the surface – their beauty is only skin deep. It is uncommon for the green color to reach deep within a diamond, but on the skin or the surface where the color mostly gathers. Lab graders assess the natural color of green diamonds by this skin. 

The most famous and largest natural green diamond is the 41 carat Dresden Green. The photo (below) shows that the Dresden Green is an exceptional diamond, because its green color is evenly distributed throughout the body of the stone. While most green diamonds owe their color to surface “skins,” the Dresden is uniformly green.  

The “Dresden Green diamond” set in Hat Ornament – 1768

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