Fancy colored diamonds Investing and Celebrities

From the bluish green tints of the 189.62-carat Orlov Diamond, a stone that sits in the Imperial Scepter of Catherine the Great of Russia.  To Jennifer Lopez’s 6.5-carat famous pink stone. Celebrities and Royalty have carried on a long standing and passionate love affair with colored diamonds. 


Historically, diamonds in general and colored diamonds in particular have held an extreme allure for monarchies on a global scale. 

At the top of a who’s who list of the most phenomenal colored diamonds sits the Cullinan Blue Diamond. Gifted to King Edward VII, the immense blue diamond was cut into nine major pieces, two of which sit in the British Crown jewels with the remaining seven part of the private collection of Queen Elizabeth II. Among her collection, Queen Elizabeth II (an avid collector of colored diamonds) can also list an intense pink diamond of 54-carats that she received as a wedding gift. 


The British Crown Jewels may indeed hold the record for the largest colored diamond. However, the French Monarchy takes first place for having owned the most infamous. 

The Hope Diamond originally known as the Tavernier Blue and the “Le bleu de France” was sold to King Louis XIV of France in the 17th century and its mysterious past harbors tales of accursed beginnings.  Allegedly stolen from the statue of the Indian Goddess Sita this 45.52-carat celebrated stone has sparked tales of dire endings for its owners (including Marie Antoinette) along a timeline spanning hundreds of years.  

More recently, the tradition carries on with the modern west’s equivalent of royalty…celebrities. 

Almost as famous as their owners the extraordinary bling of the stars makes headlines on a regular basis. Unarguably one of the most impressive stones is the 8-carat fancy purple gifted by Kobe’ Bryant to his wife for a cool $4 million followed by a 10-carat pink diamond owned by Vitoria Beckham. 


The list could continue infinitum:

  • Carrie Underwood’s flawless Yellow Diamond

  • Anna Kournikova’s 11-carat pink diamond engagement ring 

  • Carmen Electra’s striking Black Diamond


The movement does not stop with colored diamond engagement rings and the odd expensive bauble seen on the red carpet. Icons such as Oprah Winfrey and Barbra Streisand are well known as serious collectors of colored diamonds. 

While there is certainly no denying the appeal of colored diamonds as adornments and status symbols. The underlying message of colored diamonds, understood by royals and celebrities alike is… natural colored diamonds are an incomparable and timeless investment. 

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