Fancy Color Diamonds – Safe Haven of Stealth Wealth

Last month in our Novel Diamond Newsletter, we mentioned the fact that diamonds, and especially Fancy Colored Diamonds are being increasingly sought after in investment as a “safe haven of stealth wealth”.We wish to restate this point because it is highly relevant and significant to today’s diamond investor, trader and connoisseur.We are expressing this very important fact because by all projections global demand for diamonds will increase exponentially, while the supply will increasingly dwindle. 

In fact, even the Argyle Mine is expected to “run dry” by 2018 according to most forecasts and projections –making the even rarest of diamonds – fancy colored diamonds – more rare and more valuable. The return on fancy colored diamonds is much higher than any other investment on the market today. Consider the following typical investments in a Fancy Colored Yellow Diamond in relation to other stocks:


Historically diamonds have successfully weathered recessions and colored diamonds in particular have proven to be a uniquely strong investment. As a safe haven, diamonds provides a secure hedge against inflation and are relatively immune to market fluctuations or product volatility.There is less risk and uncertainty while having a stable return on investment. In addition, a diamond or FCD investment provides balance and stability, as well as diversification, to a portfolio.

An investment portfolio is enriched by a diamond addition.As stealth wealth, a diamond investment is an excellent choice – because it is personal and portable. A diamond in itself is not subject to factors of risk and uncertainty associated with the usual day to day trading on the stock market. The guesswork and questions are eliminated in investing in diamonds. In a 35 year history, only one year did not show any appreciation in value through investments in FCD.

As stealth wealth, a diamond investment carries no need for patent, registration, copyright and there are no government intrusions such as serial numbers or monitoring of your investment by other agencies. Considering the fact, that your diamond investment is yours to see touch, cherish and carry with you wherever you travel, this secure and stable asset is the ultimate safe haven of stealth wealth.


You are welcome to browse both our inventory and our Diamonds Investment Guide where you can find much information on how to invest in fancy color diamonds.

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