Fancy Color Diamonds in the Jewelry Market

When it comes to fancy color diamonds, not all colors are as expensive as one might think. This might be surprising, but it is true. Our main goal is to introduce you to our large selection of fancy color diamonds. When looking for a fancy diamond, most shoppers are usually interested in yellow or pink color diamonds. The surprising thing is that there are more colors and color mixes which are very affordable, and can be a great fit for any type of jewelry including a truly unique engagement ring.

In the last few years we have seen a steady increase in demand for fancy color diamonds from a large number of jewelers. This trend began gradually, but nowadays you can see quite a few pieces of jewelry that are set with fancy color diamonds by most of the main and large jewelry stores.

We also see many medium and small-size stores that offer yellow diamonds, and there is more awareness for additional fancy colors, mainly in the larger cities. Many fancy color diamonds are quite affordable and can be used for jewelry in very creative ways including engagement rings. These colors include light and faint yellow, yellow mixed with brown shades, brown blends with pink, purple and yellow, gray color blends and orange color blends.

The change in the market has also resulted in a shorter supply chain of fancy color diamonds. If only a few years ago the large producers of rough diamonds would sell them to cutters or rough dealers, and then the diamond would go through a few dealers and reach the store, today the rough diamonds are coming straight from the mining company or the Syndicate to the cutter and then directly to store. The reasons are the climbing prices of the rough diamonds and the intention of the large companies to dominate the market by eliminating the middlemen.