Fancy color Diamonds at the 84th Academy Awards

Colored Diamonds shone as brightly as the stars they adorned at the 84th Academy Awards. Glitz, glitter and glamour reminiscent of Old Hollywood were brought back with a contemporary flare highlighting colored diamonds as a standard in style. On February 26, 2012, some of the most beautiful women in the world walked the red carpet draped from top to bottom in dazzling colored diamonds.

Colored Diamond Earrings

Penelope Cruz was equally elegant in Fancy yellow diamond chandelier earrings at a jaw dropping 27-carats. While Jennifer Lawrence nominated in the Best Actress category walked the red carpet in 16-carat, radiant cut, fancy yellow stiletto earrings. Last but not least, Ellie Kemper was a vision of beauty in a set of brown diamond drop earrings by designer Lorraine Schwartz.


Colored Diamond Bracelets

Bangles are making a comeback as an Oscar’s sensation. However, at present this favorite jewelry staple is dressed to impress in colored diamonds as we can see with “The Help” star Jessica Chastain who was adorned in Harry Winston Jewelry worth $2 million; including an amazing pair of yellow diamond bracelets matched perfectly with yellow diamond earrings and ring.


Other memorable pieces include:

  • A canary yellow and brown diamond bracelet worn by Aishwarya Rai 

  • A gold and 42-carat yellow diamond bracelet worn by Mira Jacob who was also wearing a fancy yellow diamond ring (10-carat) 


Colored Diamond Rings

Livia Firth, wife of actor Colin Firth made a huge entrance at the 2012 Oscars in a pink and blue diamond ring and earrings from the Argyle mine (Australia).  Of the set designed by John Calleija, Mrs. Firth comments “Not only are Argyle pink diamonds incredibly rare and beautiful, but they are ethically mined from the ground at Rio Tinto’s mine in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia. From the Argyle mine they are cut and polished in Australia and designed and made into exquisite jewellery in John Calleija’s bespoke workshop in Australia.”


In truth, colored diamond rings were among the most notable jewelry pieces at this years Academy Awards ceremony as can bee seen by songstress Florence Welch’s white and yellow diamond flower ring and Giliana Rancic’s 10-carat turtle ring of Fancy deep brown and yellow diamonds. 


Colored Diamonds at the Oscar Parties

Not all of the Oscar’s glitter was on the red carpet as fancy color diamonds made their rounds of the Oscar Parties. Model/Actress Malin Akerman attended Elton John’s viewing party in a pair of black diamond stud earrings and a black diamond and platinum ring.  The Global Green USA’s Pre-Oscar party shone just as brightly when “One Tree Hill’s” Sophia Bush showed up in a spectacular multi-colored square diamond bracelet.