April 2012 Diamond News

Auction Results – Record braking results

On Tuesday April 17, 2012, the bar was raised and records were set as heiress Huguette M. Clark’s collection went to auction at Christie’s New York. Presale estimates of the Belle Époque, a 9-carat fancy purplish pink, cushion cut ring, set at $6-$8 million proved to be modest. As the gavel came down after a flurry of competitive bids the “Clark Pink” was announced SOLD at $15,762,500 million


The buyer, Brett Stettner of Stettner Investment Diamonds made history as Christie’s revealed the purchase marked the “Clark Pink as the most expensive pink diamond ever sold at auction in the United States.

Sotheby’s also had some incredible auction results starting with a 3.54-carat, Marquise cut, Fancy Blue Tiffany Diamond ring selling at $2,434, 500 that was also bought by Stettner. Following this incredible Blue was an 18-carat brilliant cut Fancy Pink with a selling price of $1,082,500. Last on the block, a Vivid Yellow 23.02 step-cut diamond ring mounted in platinum and gold that left with a respectable price tag of $1,874,500.


Upcoming Auctions

Not to be out done, All eyes will be on the Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels Sale, May 29,2012, as Christie’s offers up an extremely rare round 12.04 carat Pink Diamond.  Once part of the private collection of Harry Winston the stone named the “Martian Pink” in honor of the first satellite mission to Mars, is an intense pure pink uncommonly exhibiting no secondary hues. With its only contemporary being the 23.07-carat “Williamson Pink” belonging to The current British monarchy, presale estimates sit at an unsurprising $8-10 million. 


Investment News

Diamond enthusiasts watch with excitement at as Dubai Positions it’s self as a Diamond Hub. Taking some major steps to mark a place for themselves on the diamond map, the City and emirate has established itself as a global business hub and as of 2004 set up the Dubai Diamond exchange, a subsidiary of the Central Commodities Authority. Enjoying meteoric growth by 2009 diamond trade was at $18 billion by 2010 that had risen to over $35 billion. 

Retail diamond growth is also up significantly due to factors such as competitive pricing, security and location in the Gold and Diamond Park it helps that all sales that take place there are tax-free.


Celebrity News

Jenifer Lopez was seen on American Idol  wearing  fancy yellow-diamond ring by Cora jewelers that comes with a $2.1 million price tag. The 50.40-carat diamond is set in 18-karat yellow gold and ebony wood will soon be available for purchase on the jeweler’s site.


As Rapper Jay-Z and Beyonce contemplate renewing their vows for their fourth wedding anniversary, the rapper was spotted outside Jacob & Co Jewelry with owner Jacob the Jeweler. Sources report that Jay-Z was looking at the Lumina Collection, which features Blue Diamonds. Although it is not certain whether he made a purchase it is reported that his main interest was the blue “Lumina”  a rare 12.38-carat Blue Diamond in honor of their three month old daughter Blue Ivy Carter. 


Just for Fun

April is full of fun when it comes to colored diamonds and nothings says fun better than Choppard’s  Materpiece Mickey Mouse Diamond pendant featuring black, yellow and pink diamonds.


Colored Diamonds in the News

In London’s Natural History Museum sits a rare collection of 295 natural fancy colored diamonds whose fate is yet to be determined by Surrogate’s Court in the Bronx. The collection assembled in the 1980’s by Harry Rodman and Alan Bronstein has been widely exhibited in prominent museums such as Washington’s, Smithsonian Institution and New York’s American Museum of Natural History.

Over the span of their partnership, Rodman and Bronstein put together two amazing colored diamond collections under the name of their company Aurora Gems. The Aurora Pyramid of Hope collection in London and the Aurora Butterfly of Peace collection. The collections include a rare 2.5-carat, pear-shaped, chameleon diamond, which gave Mr. Bronstein quite a shock at the discovery of its true nature.

After storing a dark Green Diamond in a vault only to reopen it later and discover an intense Yellow Diamond. Mr. Bronstein has said he thought someone had switched the stones. It was to his great delight and surprise that the mystery was solved when the gem changed back to its original green; it was discovered that the mysterious gem was a Chameleon Diamond that changes its color naturally.

The legal battle over this collection, estimated at $14 million stems from a dispute over ownership of half of the collection following Rodmans death in 2008 at the age of 99.  The suspenseful case has as many facets as the diamonds in the collection.


The Aurora collecttion