About us

About us

Novel Collection is a privately held group of companies owned by the Mashiah family, one of the founders of the Israeli diamond and gemstone industries.

Mr. Albert Mashiah, the father of the family, started the business over fifty years ago and he is a true pioneer of the gems and diamonds industry in Israel. His achievements include rewards of honors in the global diamonds and gem stones industry.Alberts’ reputation precedes him all over the world.

Mr. Eyal Mashiah is the owner and the chairman of the Novel Collection Group, and the director of the other family businesses – investments and constructions companies. Eyal began his career in the 80s by managing Ramgem – the Gem Stones Company and the Emeralds mine in Zambia with a few business partners. 15 years ago the family started a business of Fancy Color Diamonds which opened the first office in the USA in order to fulfill the vision and the main goal “To spread the Fancy Color gems in the global diamonds industry”. Eyal Mashiah, was one of the principal founders of Sarin Technologies, a Singapore Stock Exchange – listed company, the market leader in development and manufacturing of advanced planning, evaluation, and measurement systems for diamond grading and gemstone production.

Mrs. Ifat Oved, a partner of the family business, joined in the 90s, started to run the Gems Stones business, and developed a division for unique jewelry that are sold all over the world. Together with her elder brother, they established the operation of Novel Collection group and the other family businesses. Today Ifat is in charge of controlling and management of the financial and administrational aspects of the whole group.

Mr. Ishay Oved, a partner and an acting director of Novel Collection Group. He is in charge of the rough diamonds department and manufacturing. He is also responsible of the entire Rough supply operation per demand of the polished department and the customers’ needs.

Mr. Oz Mashiah, a partner and acting director at Novel Collection Group, the head of polished diamonds department. Oz is also participates in the biggest shows around the worlds in order to meet all our clients and to fulfill all their wishes.

Mrs. Rinat Mashiah has over 10 years experience in manufacturing and marking of Rough Diamonds. Today she is in charge of the Sorting Department. Rinat is an expert in the new technology of Sarin which enables manufacturers to map rough diamonds and assess their polished potential in the market.

In 1998 Mr. Shaul Cohen, by being very close to the Mashiah family, established the first office of Novel Collection in American Continent, which was one of the first Fancy Color Diamonds offices in NY. Mr. Shaul Cohen was dedicated to Novel Collection success and he managed to spread the name of Novel Collection worldwide, likewise he also established the trademark of Novel Collection-The Lemons . Today Mr. Shaul Cohen is managing the American operation which includes offices in NY, LA and branch in Canada.

5 years later Mr. Eliad Cohen, the cousin of the Mashiah family, also join the business and he established the Asia operation. He started with the HK office and expanded all over Asia, from China to Thailand to India with his vision to spread the Fancy Diamonds and Jewelry. Today he is the director and one of the partners of the Asia Pacific group. And have a major significance of the success and the growth of Novel Collection group.

Today Novel Collection is a recognized leader and innovator in the color diamond trade. Our involvement throughout the diamond supply chain – from sourcing rough diamonds, through cutting-and-polishing in our own factory, to jeweler design and production, and sales from our seven offices on five continents – gives us the global depth and reach to satisfy the most demanding clients throughout the world.