2012 – fancy color diamonds Year in Review

Wishing you the best for the year to come in 2013, we wish to review the high points of diamond news of the last.  2012 was a year of which witnessed dazzling diamond sales, continual ramping investment in fancy colored diamonds and further glitz as well as glamour of celebrities sporting fancy color diamonds.  Both India and China pursued and geared up for diamond growth and investment:  Southeast Asia has seen a steady trend in interest and investment throughout the year.  Christie’s and Sotheby’s stayed active in auctions throughout the year seeing record-breaking prices.  Among the highlights of the year were:

In February through April of 2012, we saw continual good news concerning investments in fancy colored diamonds with experts predicting projections of 9% through the year. This forecast was reinforced by the buzz in China and India with investors engaged in collecting the rare gems. In addition, Baselworld 2012 showcased their fine and rare collection heralding an exponential increase in interest and investment of fancy colored diamonds. All investment indicators were positive for fancy colored diamonds. Christies and Sotheby’s saw record-breaking prices in their auction formats with sales of FCDs. Of particular note was 9 carat pink diamond ring of former heiress Huhette Clark, “the Clark Pink” selling for over $15.75 million. Celebrities were seen on TV shows sporting fancy colored diamond rings, including the 84th Academy Awards as well as the Golden Globe Awards adding to the sparkle of the grand events. Jennifer Lopez, Jay-Z, Beyonce and so many others were true to their preference of FCDs in front of the camera. Australia, always a hub for diamond news discovered a rare pink diamond in the argyle mine, while right before summer kicked off the “Diamond Dud” and “Martian Pink” were tops in the headlines of diamond news.

Kicking off the pre-summer diamond enthusiasms were several events which took place from June through August. The JCK Las Vegas Luxury show and Hong Kong Jewelry Fair showcased rare gems and fancy colored diamonds. Southeast Asia continued to be a central location for continual market interest in fancy colored diamonds, while young investors started showing a strong and increased interest in the rarest of gems.  The Pink Jubilee diamond was unveiled in Australia at the Diamond Jubilee Stars collection while The Majestic Pink topped summer headlines. The diamond is an impressive 12.27-carat with an estimated worth of $7.85 million. Top investment trends still continued to ramp towards the stability and value of FCDs. Celebrity fashion stayed with this trend with the Cannes Film Festival with many notables wearing fancy colored diamonds: Russian model Irina Shayk, Singer-songwriter Lana Del Ray and others flashed the rare gems.

In the last part of the year through September to November, we focused on the quaint and rural diamond hunting in Arkansas as well as the amazing results mined from the Australian Argyle tender. ETF transactions dominated diamond news suggesting the diamond investment trend in fancy colored diamond is now more than apparent. Diamond interest continued to swamp the Singapore and Southeast Asian markets, while continued exposure in FCDs were showcased at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels. Also of high interest was the display of the Arch Duke Diamond and the FCDs of Rio Tinto. Celebrities continued to indulge their tastes with fancy colored diamond engagement rings: Blake Lively, Gossip Girl star, showed off her giant $2 million dark pink engagement ring, while later in December, Kelly Clarkson was wearing a huge yellow FCD ring for her diva concerts at VH1. All market indicators showed signs of continual prosperity of investment in fancy colored diamond rings.  It is estimated that a $600,000 investment in a fancy colored pink diamond ring ten years ago, would be work roughly $3 million on today’s market. Who can argue with that? This has been our highlights for the year of 2012 in diamond news and wishing you the best of the year to come in 2013.

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2012 fancy color diamonds review